Liang Yu

Executive director, founding partner



Lawyer Liang Yu is founding partner of Beijing Quanzhi Law Firm and bachelor of China University of Political Science and Law. Lawyer Liang Yu served as executive director for many other law firms, having rich experience in team management and being good at foreseeing the development trend in legal industry and integrating relevant resources to build professional and excellent lawyer team.  

Lawyer Liang Yu has been engaging in special research and practical agency in commercialization and licensing as well as management and dispute settlement of intellectual property right, having accumulated rich experience in case handling and being good at handling of litigation, arbitration and non-litigation practice in intellectual property, including patent, anti-monopoly, business secret, unfair competition and giving assistance to clients to prepare and optimize strategies for application and protection of intellectual property and participating in administrative review and administrative litigation by patent reexamination board and trademark review and adjudication board on behalf of clients. In addition, Lawyer Liang Yu has been serving as long-term legal adviser for many companies to handle relevant legal affairs thereof and offer services including strategy and plan for intellectual property, having rich experience in legal advice. 

Work Experience:

Brief introduction to performance: 

Beijing Zhongxing Hengxie Business Management Co., Ltd.

Beijing Daoyuan Zhengkang Health Management Co., Ltd.

Juny Oriental Hotal (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 

Beijing Carbon Century Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Yishengtang Business and Trade Co., Ltd. 

Specific legal service : 

Beijing Zhupin International Accounting Service Co., Ltd.

Beijing Yicheng Xiangneng Business and Trade Co., Ltd. 

Beijing Jiayi Yuda Translation Co., Ltd. 

Beijing Dongfang Haihang Car Rental Co., Ltd. 

Beijing Wanfangzhou Car Rental Co., Ltd. 

Guzhitang (Beijing Guzhitang TCM technology Development Co., Ltd.