Ye Hua




Lawyer Ye Hua is full-time lawyer ofBeijing Quanzhi Law Firm, bachelor of law from Southwest university of Political Science and Law, bachelor of law and doctor of law from Washington University in St Louis of the US, with Chinese and English as working language

The practice field of Lawyer Ye Hua involves capital market, acquisition and merger, venture investment and private investment in public equity, legal affairs in company and enterprise etc. Lawyer Ye Hua has always adhering to the practice principle of integrity and diligence, having offered legal services for clients in an effective way by rich experience in legal practice and litigation skill as well as favorable professional ethics and strict attitude toward work and job responsibility, with good social benefit obtained.   

Work Experience:

Brief introduction to performance: 

Lawyer Ye Hua has offered legal service for many clients both here and abroad, including: 

Legal service for acquisition of equity share or asset of enterprises in China by listed companies in Hongkong;  

Legal service for many companies to launch IPO in Hongkong, Singapore and the US; 

Legal service for many companies to achieve A-share listing and asset restructuring;  

Legal service for note issuance by listed companies in Hongkong; 

Legal service for fund investment projects both here and abroad;