Specific business field

1.Domestic dispute: dispute over divorce, property division, inheritance, rearing and maintenance etc. 

2.Contract dispute: Dispute over confirmation, rescission,violation, compensation of various contracts on buying and selling, loan, assurance, contract, lease, transportation, construction, house transaction and partnership agreement;  

3.Dispute over property right: dispute over property right confirmation, real rights guaranteed, usufruct etc.  

4. Labor dispute case: Arbitration and litigation for labor contract dispute and personnel contract dispute;  

5. Infringement dispute: Infringement liability and damages including product liability, medical accident, traffic accident, environmental pollution;   

6. Dispute over environment and mining: Dispute over environmental pollution infringement action, mining ownership, investment, merger and cooperation etc. 

7. Dispute related to company: Dispute over shareholder qualification, shareholder contribution, stock right transfer, corporate resolution, company establishment, corporate merger, listed company acquisition, liability for damage to interest of shareholder;