Business in criminal law

In order to achieve strategic goal of improvement in a normalized, large-scale, professional and branded way,  AARON & SIMON separates criminal defense business from other litigation and arbitration business on purpose and boasts a professional criminal law business team. Criminal defense lawyers in AARON & SIMON are senior lawyers proficient in corporation law and criminal law, graduating from top-notch universities of law in China, having education background of master degree or above in criminal law or criminal procedure in most cases, with profound professional basic knowledge and academic theory, some of them have rich experience in criminal justice business in government offices including public security bureau, procuratorate and court, specializing in settlement of various major, knotty and complex criminal cases in corporate category or other categories etc. 

Criminal law business team of AARON & SIMON has handled a large number of cases in financial crime, internet crime, job-related crime based on high standard and strict requirement of teamwork, attention to detail in case, case handling principle of “go to great length”, in the interest of client, centering around truth of case, by means of law, by taking a scholarly strict attitude, expertly service level, team-based cooperation mode, from the standpoint of every client, according to specific circumstance, professional knowledge of criminal lay and rich experience in practice, having achieved favorable defense effect.AARON & SIMON shall offer the most professional and complete legal service to every client heart and soul based on the standard mentioned above.