Business in bankrupt and restructuring

(1)To receive bankruptcy case manager designated by people’s court and liquidation team for mandatory liquidation case of company;  

(2)To serve as legal adviser of interested party such as debtor, restructurer, shareholder and creditor to participate in restructuring and reorganization of listed company or non-listed company;    

(3)To serve as an agent for creditor, debtor and other related party to apply to people’s court for debtor bankruptcy  

(4)To carry on fact-finding of the business related to debt restructuring entrusted by troubled enterprise; 

(5)To serve as an agent for shareholder and creditor to apply to people’s court for company to subject to forced liquidation;  

(6)To serve as an agent for subject such as creditor and right reclaimer to participate in the procedure of bankruptcy and forced liquidation;   

(7)To serve as legal adviser for liquidation team of company entrusted by company and shareholder; 

 (8) To participate in risk disposal of financial institution entrusted by supervisor or relevant party; 

(9) Other business related to bankrupt and restructuring