Business in labor and social security

(1)To serve as long-term legal adviser for labor law and offer professional legal advice on personnel resource strategy of company; to assist company to establish and improve strategy on and legal solution to personnel resource management and operation with labour and recruitment as the core; 

(2)To draft, review, revise labor management system including employee handbook and salary and welfare program as well as legal documents such as relevant contract and agreement, and to assist company to prepare and improve employment system, compliance system and management procedure and offer suggestion on solution;    

(3)To assist company to prepare plan for downsizing and placement and handle issues related to labor law in stock option incentive program and draw up handling measures for dispute arising therefrom;    

(4)To assist company to prepare and improve business secret protection measure and draw up, revise and revise confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreement and relevant management system; 

 (5) To draw up, revise and revise legal documents related to employment for company in employment mode of labor dispatching and labor outsourcing and prepare and implement legal solution to compliance and safety therein;  

 (6) To participate in establishment and operation of labor union and congress of workers and staff to put forward legal opinion and advice accordingly; to take part in collective bargaining between employer and employee, draw up and revise collective contract and assist company to handle collective dispute;  

 (7) To offer solution to unexpected mass labor incident including lockout, slowdown, petitioning as well as potential mass labor dispute and conflict in labor and employment management; 

 (8) To serve as an agency for client to participate in arbitration and lawsuit hearing in arbitration and lawsuit for dispute over labor and personnel as well as other lawsuits as a result of labor management;  

 (9) To hold professional legal training on comprehension and application of legal issues related to personnel resource management and the latest law and policy;  

 (10)Legal service for personnel resource related to establishment of company;