Corporate compliance

AARON & SIMON has accumulated rich experience in practice of corporate governance and compliance consultation, including labour and personnel, environmental protection, anti-commercial bribery, government procurement, intellectual property protection, international trade, personal privacy and information protection etc. And offer compliance and discipline abiding plan (including review, drafting and assistance in implementation) conforming to requirements of law, regulation, policy and rule of China for various conglomerates so as to enable client to avoid violation of law and regulation.   

Compliance consultation by AARON & SIMON aims to customize a complete compliance plan based on various business field in which client engages, with organizational set-up and management structure as well as industrial feature and cultural background of client taken into consideration to draft and revise relevant compliance plan on the most economic basis and according to requirement of client so as to ensure that the our clients and their employees conduct business on the premise of compliance. AARON & SIMON offers effect, pertinent and comprehensive consultation and implementation plan for corporate governance structure and compliance, which shall prevent organization or individual from getting involved into administrative punishment, civil liability, criminal liability and other legal risks likely to inflict major adverse influence on client’s business so as to protect organization and individual from damage to reputation and image etc.